Progress 1.2 release


Hi there folks!

It has been a few weeks since our last update, but we’ve been improving the game some more. This next release is becoming bigger with each small and large fix and added features.

One of the biggest changes is the new authentication server, which lets you log in to the game and enable you to play on all servers.

This means you no longer need to register an account per server. This also enables us to gather statistics from the official ranked servers and create a ranked list of the best players in future updates for example.

Note that once the update is live all existing accounts will still be able to login using their old credentials.

version 1.2 progress


What is done (Points from previous post):

- Decal system; scorched earth, improved tank tracks

- More particle effects; explosions, dust trails & smoke

- Level of detail system, for better performance

- Improved tank hangar, with a new look and a new slick metal track playing on the background

- Spectator camera, follow that bastard that shot you down previously, to get some insight in his play style

- Several bug fixes (including working full screen ALT + TAB)

- In game sound / control options (graphical options only available in main menu)

- Some other graphical improvements


What is new (Additions, not discussed in the last post):

- An authentication server that players log into to play on any server afterwards, instead of registering for each server independently

- We switched to the cAudio sound library, from irrKlang so more platforms are supported (inc. Linux 64-bit) and because it has better licensing

- Show the most valuable player (MVP) on the end of the game

- Using the latest Irrlicht version from trunk, noticeable FPS increase

- Server messages: You were kicked/banned/disconnected from the server

- New Destroyed tank models

- Added ability to choose audio device for sound output

- Improved normal/bump map shader

- Improved textures

- Added Bump maps to rocks and trees

- Fixed random tree generation

- Improved hit indicator

- Fade in/out effects, transitions (e.g. on damage impact)

- More Camouflage options

- Lots of small changes and bug fixes


What was pushed back a version:

- Post processing effects: adaptive bloom, depth of field etc.

Sadly, there are multiple problems that need to be addressed to get this working properly,
which are going to take a lot of time. That is why we pushed this one back.


Some screens

version 1.2 progress version 1.2 progress

version 1.2 progress version 1.2 progress version 1.2 progress version 1.2 progress


There are still several things we would like to finish and fix before the release goes live.


New ideas for the next versions:

- New game types; Our versions of King of the Hill & Capture the Flag

- Land mines and other additional weapon types

- Running your own Server


Any ideas? Something bugging you? Suggestions? Post a comment! We want to create a game YOU want to play!

See you soon!

Erelas out.