[email protected] 1.2 released!


Good day all! Today we released [email protected] version 1.2!

The new release features the following, among other things:
- Decal system; scorched earth, improved tank tracks, environment decals
- More particle effects; explosions, dust trails & smoke
- Level of detail system, for better performance
- Introducing tank kits: land mines, night vision and radar jammer
- Improved tank hangar, with a new look and a new slick metal track playing on the background
- Post processing effects
- Spectator camera, follow that bastard that shot you down previously, to get some insight in his play style
- In game sound / control options (graphical options only available in main menu)
- Some other graphical improvements
- An authentication server that players log into to play on any server afterwards, instead of registering for each server independently
- We switched to the cAudio sound library, from irrKlang so more platforms are supported (inc. Linux 64-bit) and because it has better licensing
- Show the most valuable player (MVP) on the end of the game
- Using the latest Irrlicht version from trunk, noticeable FPS increase
- Server messages: You were kicked/banned/disconnected from the server
- New Destroyed tank models
- Added ability to choose audio device for sound output
- Improved normal/bump map shader
- Improved textures
- Added Bump maps to rocks and trees
- Fixed random tree generation
- Better looking tree billboards (using imposters)
- Improved hit indicator
- Fade in/out effects, transitions (e.g. on damage impact)
- More Camouflage options
- New secondary weapon models
- Improved visuals for weapons
- Ingame access to tank workshop -> tank switching
- Cloud & weather system
- No more restart required after changing some video options
- Improved networking = less lag
- Lots of small changes, improvements and bug fixes

Here are some screenshots




Also, we worked hard on making [email protected] compatible with Linux 64 bit and mac.

[email protected] for Mac will be released later, hopefully tomorrow.

Hope to see you online soon!